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The Golf Advisory Board (GAB) appreciates any and all suggestions, comments and feedback. What's important to you is important to us and helps make CCGC the best club and golf experience it can be.

GAB officers invite and appreciate speaking with members directly so please continue to do so AND also use the form below. We don't want to miss any of the details of our discussion particularly if the GAB member isn't in a position to write details down. Both forums together are a great way to connect and be heard.

Lastly while your contact information helps us respond directly to you, it's not necessary. We really only require a single descriptive statement followed by a more detailed explanation. Obviously inappropriate comments and language don't move the needle so please avoid them.

The GAB respects your privacy and was founded as the go-between club members and club management. This means your form responses are sent ONLY to the GAB chairman, not CCGC management.

Thank you.

CCGC Member Suggestion, Comment and Feedback Form
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