The Algonkian Sunday Masters™ (ASM) began in 2009 with matches contested at the Northern Virginia Regional Park Authority (NVRPA) Algonkian Golf Course.  

The ASM was founded by a couple guys with a misguided understanding of how to use their free time constructively.  Adding to the fact these guys had a serious addiction to the game of golf, they built on their love of the game and created the ASM golf league.  Starting as a small group of avid golfing buddies playing fun and competitive golf on a regular weekly basis, the ASM has morphed into an organized group of men and women competing for the coveted title of ASM champion.

...or something like this...

ASM is a group of golfers trying to play skillful golf with varying degrees of golf skill.

No matter what the outcome of a match we continue to have great times and build great friendships.  Good luck to everyone this season and thanks for your participation.