See Your Data in a Whole New Way

At VIZBench we take your raw data and create amazing map and analytics dashboards that enable understanding at a whole new level.


Your Organization CAN Afford Visualization

You may be thinking "My team doesn't have the time and resources to build a cloud-based visualization capability hosted on the web 24/7 that can truly support the communities we serve and support."  Good News!!! We've got you covered.

We'll do it ALL for you. Our team will help your team design a visual experience around YOUR brand, YOUR data and integrate it into YOUR existing web platform.

Even deployment is a breeze.  Once created the dashboard is easily added to your website and will give you code to do that too.

A few comments from our customers that have had us do exactly what we can do for you.

Scott S.

GIS Analysis

I had a challenging task, but Greg was able to sort it out and get things done very promptly. He was patient to understand my situation and took the time to make sure he delivered exactly what I was looking for. His command of the GIS world coupled with his dedication to top-quality deliverables for his clients, along with being easy-going, easy to work with, made this a great experience.

Tara C.

Congressional Districts and CAAs

This is fantastic! Thank you! We are working on updating the data.

Mathew S.

GIS/Mapping Software Configuration and Consulting

Greg has successfully completed every task I've given him, on time and on budget. I tell him what results I need and he figures out the best way to obtain them.

Brandon G.

Member Dashboard

That is exactly what Russ did and I wanted to let you know because of the dashboard you set up, he was able to pull 125 members within 100 miles of the DC area. GENIOUS!!!

Kevin B.

The NCGolf Panel Map Dashboard

I’ve received some nice comments per your beautiful map. This is so very cool! This is awesome, Greg, and thanks for your interest in doing this and helping us promote golf in what we believe is one of the best states for the game in the U.S.

Matt A.

Top 100 GC Dashboard and VIZ

I would love to show it off. 100 people all with funding. If they see it they will want to buy.

Rafiq K.

Customized Mapping

Looking forward to work with you.